Date: January 1, 2014


Duralee is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Anne Foster and Suysel DePedro Cunningham of design firm Tilton Fenwick on their first licensed fabric collection, DURALEE DESIGNER: TILTON FENWICK.  Known for their fresh and colorful perspective on traditional-minded interiors, Suysel and Anne have worked with the Duralee design team to create a line of fabrics that feature this sensibility and signature style.

“We were honored when the team at Duralee approached us at just under two years into opening our firm,” Cunningham and Foster state, “overjoyed at the opportunity to collaborate with a company like Duralee, it was clear to us they are not only long-time industry leaders, but also looking to support and invest in the next generation of designers.”

Considering color paramount in their design process, their love for creating sophisticated yet distinctive combinations in their design projects has been reflected in their multi-colored three color-book collection of printed and woven textiles.  Kicking off the collection is the Lipstick/Poppy color book, featuring a range of updated reds and pinks to deep plum.  From Navy to Robin’s Egg to Turquoise, the Prussian/Sage color book highlights classic, easy-to-live with and universally-loved hues of blue.  Finally, Cactus/Ochre takes on green and citrus in new, inventive ways as combinations of olive, lime and yellow mingle in the third book of the series.

In addition to creating thoughtful, beautiful designs, Tilton Fenwick and the Duralee design team worked to ensure that the fabrics of the DURALEE DESIGNER: TILTON FENWICK collection were – above all -- versatile.  Never ones to shy away from expressive pattern, Suysel and Anne included multi-layered elements in each design. “Our design goal is always uncovering hidden harmonies by merging, blending and layering unexpected colors, textures and patterns,” Cunningham and Foster explain.  This process is evident as stripes, florals and dots are combined to create unique designs that can be used in their dramatic whole or broken down for more detailed applications such as borders, panels and more.

Of their collection, Anne and Suysel state, “We used our decorating ‘wants’ to inform this collection that we hope will offer the Duralee customer the opportunity to create their own inspired spaces.  We can't wait to see how designers will mix and match the fabrics in the collection to create beautiful rooms of their own!”