Date: May 15, 2012


INTRODUCING JaleneKANANI Exclusively for DURALEE CONTRACT - With a unique perspective of “place-based” design, JaleneKANANI injects her products with elements of history, culture and personality derived from the source of her inspiration, be it location, person or event.  Duralee Contract is pleased to bring KANANI’s eclectic mix of pattern to their customers with JaleneKANANI for DURALEE CONTRACT.

Kanani, a native of Hawai’i, mixes elements of traditional Pacific culture with contemporary influences to create a signature aesthetic for JaleneKANANI for DURALEE CONTRACT.  The balance of the Ku and Hina, the Ying and Yang, the male and female is always an objective for every design in the collection, and KANANI achieves this with a mix of geographic geometrics, subtle organics, tailored botanicals and interesting hues.  Color--bright, crisp, clean, saturated color--is a distinctive hallmark of the JaleneKANANI aesthetic.  Rich berries, fresh tangerines, deep blues and tropical greens marry with hearty earth tones and airy neutrals for a balanced color story.

Encouraging exploration, the fabrics of JaleneKANANI for DURALEE CONTRACT were designed to tell a story with timeless elements of culture and art demonstrated in contemporary context.

Duralee Contract is headquartered in Bay Shore, New York with showrooms nationwide and throughout the world.