Date: January 1, 2011


HIGHLAND COURT INTRODUCES PHILIP GORRIVAN II -  Beauty in design and livability do co-exist, and every Philip Gorrivan design, from residences to fabric, is created with this in mind.  As a follow up and compliment to his wildly successful first collection, Highland Court is pleased to present Philip Gorrivan II, a five color book set of sophisticated, tailored designs.

A departure from Philip Gorrivan I, Philip Gorrivan II captures the essence of the organic, aged beauty found in natural landscapes, lush geometrical European gardens, classical architecture, antiquities and curiosities.  Luxuriously simple, the collection is designed with clear direction, yet optimizes versatility with fabrics that are as appropriate for a rustic lodge in the country as they are in a fashionable city townhouse.

Beginning the five color book series is BoneWith tones that range from the hue of a dab of whipped cream to the weathered taupe of a piece of driftwood on the beach, the Bone color book captures the luxury of classic neutrals.  Modern and traditional at the same time, the colors of Bone reflect the versatility of the collection and usher in the muted tones expected in 2011.   

Rich aged leather and the caramel color of Italian Cappuccino served as inspiration for the Saddle color book.  Deep chocolate is an anchor for many of Philip’s designs and has become one of his signature shades.  A hue that often improves with age, it is found in the patina of an antique French armoire or the leather binding of the collective works of classical authors.

The Patina/Olive book ranges from rich turquoise pulled from the plume of a peacock feather to the soft olive hue of an antique American chestnut glass to the rich mossy green of the rolling hills of northwestern Connecticut. 

The opulent plums and magentas of years past have transitioned to the soft lavender and light pinks found in the Blush color book.  Blush captures the romanticism of an abundant English garden yet maintains a masculine tone reminiscent of fine haberdashery.

Inspired by the rock walls that criss-cross over the Irish countryside and the aged exterior of gothic churches, Kohl captures chic, cool shades of grey for a sophisticated palette.  Charcoal is no longer viewed as drab, and instead has been heralded as stately and metropolitan in recent years with the introduction of warmer hues into the home.    

Together with the HIGHLAND COURT® Design Studio, Philip Gorrivan has once again produced a collection that translates his distinct style and cutting-edge sensibilities.  His ability to create timeless, yet modern and relevant product remains unmatched in the marketplace, and HIGHLAND COURT® is delighted to introduce this second collection to their customers. 

HIGHLAND COURT®, a division of Duralee®, is dedicated to providing the building blocks to luxury, is headquartered in Bay Shore, New York with showrooms nationwide and throughout the world.