1. Seat cushion and Back Pillow construction: Recliner seats are constructed of individually wrapped coil springs encased in high density urethane foam core covered in a down proof ticking. Backs are 100 % premium polyester fiber encased in a down proof ticking on fabric styles, and in a non-woven ticking for leather styles. The backs have sewn in channels to minimize fiber shift and are designed for maximum comfort and relaxation.
  2. Wood Finish: All recliners are available in standard finish only.

The following options are available:

  • Contrast welt or decorative cord in lieu of welt;
  • Adding or omitting welts on seat cushion or back pillow;
  • Contrast leather welt on fabric styles;
  • Removing nails where standard;
  • Spacing nails differently than standard placement (Note: spacing cannot be changed on the front of recliner arm panels).

Please check your price list, or contact customer service for pricing.


There is a one year warranty on all motor parts in our motorized recliners.  Also, Lithium battery packs and chargers are available as a special order if there is no conveniently located outlet ($250 retail). The battery pack remains charged for approximately 90 days before needing to be recharged.  

Our motorized motion chairs are designed for ease.  The following chairs have a one touch operation:

BENTON     38-1060M & 38-1060LM
BOWES     38-1090M & 38-1110M
DUVAL       38-1010M & 38-1010LM
HAYES      38-1040M & 38-1040LM
KENLEY     38-1080M & 38-1080LM
MIRAMAR    38-1030M & 38-1030LM
PARKER     38-1070M & 38-1070LM
THORTON     38-1020M & 38-1020LM
WILLISTON     38-1050M & 38-1050LM 

The BOWES 38-1100 lift assist is wand operated.