Leg Options

Most of the legs shown are used on specific items throughout the catalog. On occasion, legs can be interchanged with one of SIMILAR HEIGHT. You should verify with Furniture Customer Service that selected leg change is compatible BEFORE ordering.

Exposed Wood Legs: Legs are solid wood and are available in all wood finishes referenced in the wood finish chart. When changing a leg on any furniture item, a leg of similar height must be selected as to not compromise the overall height and pitch of the furniture piece.

Furniture Legs

Furniture Legs


Casters used on skirted items are a nylon twin wheel. We must be provided with desired skirt height from the floor, as it is very difficult to adjust the skirt height once the casters are installed. Decorative casters on exposed legs are available on certain pieces. Nickel and antique brass finishes are offered on most styles. Please contact your Duralee Furniture representative to check for availability.



Levelers are standard on all skirted items and can be easily adjusted to raise an item for a desired skirt height from the floor.