C.O.M. Fabric Information

We require that any specific applications desired by the purchaser be noted on the order. In the absence of these instructions, Duralee Furniture® reserves the right to use the factory’s best judgment on fabric applications. Orders which require that the fabric to be railroaded, must specify this term on the purchase order. The standard fabric layout places the top of the cutting pattern in the direction of the fabric as it comes off the bolt (non-railroad). Some fabrics have directions that run towards the side of the bolt (selvage) and for correct application, the fabric should be railroaded. All stripes will be applied in a vertical (typical) application unless the purchaser specifies differently. Our customer service department will request confirmation if there are any questions about fabric application.

Duralee Furniture® will not take responsibility for the appearance or tailoring of select fabrics. The purchaser is responsible for the suitability of the COM materials for upholstery purposes. Fabrics such as some silks, chenilles, tapestries, leathers, specialty wovens and velvets are not recommended for certain skirt applications or as deck materials. Contact your Duralee Furniture® representative with any COM concerns.

Fabrics which require backing as a result of a loose weave or light weight will need to be backed prior to shipping to the factory.  If upon inspection it is determined that the fabric requires backing, the purchaser will be notified. If requested, the factory will send the fabric out for backing and a charge to the purchaser will appear on the acknowledgment or invoice.


“RAILROADING” refers to the application of the fabric and not the actual design. If a fabric is marked “railroad” it means that it can be turned 90º to be applied as in sketch #1. Horizontal stripes that run selvage to selvage must be railroaded to get the desired look and the vertical application as in sketch #1. Unless the purchaser specifically specifies a non-railroad application (sketches #3 and #4), all stripes will run vertically. Select fabrics that have a grain or nap should not be railroaded unless the grain or nap “smooths down.” Fabrics with a horizontal stripe and a grain or nap (coming off the bolt selvage to selvage) can be railroaded only if the fabric “roughs” to the right.


Customer’s Own Leather (C.O.L.)
Customer’s Own Leather can be used on most styles. We will cut leather as free of flaws as possible. We may have to piece large areas to increase the yield and remove flaws. Remember, leather is a product of nature and scars, scrapes, wrinkles and imperfections are common and add to the beauty and character of each piece.


Excess COM or COL
If requested on the original order, we will return excess COM/COL along with the furniture being shipped. If the return of the excess COM/COL is requested after the furniture has been shipped, it will be shipped COD. We will only reserve excess COM/COL for 30 days after an order has shipped.