All furniture orders must be mailed or faxed to:

    647 Hopewell Road
    Morganton,NC 28655

    Phone:   866.565.7731
    Fax:       866.565.7732


  • Indicate your customer number on your purchase order.
  • Download the COM tag from our website. Complete the tag with the following information: source; pattern; color; yardage and application instructions for all fabrics, trims, cords, welts and leather.  Include direction in which to cut the fabric- up or railroaded. A completed COM tag and swatch of the fabric must accompany all orders sent to the furniture office.
  • If you are a pro-forma account, order and pay for Duralee® fabrics, from Duralee Fabrics® in NY.
  • Send a deposit with your furniture order to Duralee Furniture® in Morganton, NC.
  • Attach a cutting of the fabric to a hard copy and mail to the Morganton, NC address.
  • Calculate required yardage including width and repeat.
  • Select a wood finish, if applicable.
  • Select nailhead size and finish, if applicable.
  • Provide hardware selection, style, and finishes.
  • Provide caster finish, if applicable.
  • Indicate your Seat fill preference as either “Luxury”, “Spring Fiber”, “Spring Down”, “Ultra Down”,   “25/75 Down” and back fill preference as either “Luxury”, “Blend Down”, “Micro-Down”, “25/75 Down”
  • Supply mattress and box spring dimensions, if applicable.
  • Indicate and price any upgrades or changes to the item.
  • Apply the appropriate quoted freight charges.
  • Indicate the “ship to” location with phone number and contact for the furniture products.
  • Measure to make sure furniture will fit into its new home.
  • Familiarize yourself with “Fabric Backing” and “Shipping & Freight” in the “General Product Information” pages of this price book.


Note: We will provide a quote for an item only in writing via fax, mail, or email. Quotations are valid for 60 days from the date sent. Please be sure to check that the fabric yardage includes additional amounts for narrow fabrics and repeats.


              Orders cannot begin production without all the required information.