Bailey & Griffin for HC Monogram Ad (81)

Bailey & Griffin for HC Monogram Ad (81)

This Ad was featured in the following publications in 2015:

Traditional Home

Featured in this Ad

200023H-3 Sign in to add  OSKA, MELON  to My Projects

Oska, Melon

190212H-707 Sign in to add  LEGACY, TOMATO  to My Projects

Legacy, Tomato

OS1664-010 Sign in to add  CHLOE-TUFTED BACK TUB CHAIR W/SKIRT  to My Projects

Chloe-Tufted Back Tub Chair W/Skirt

OS1608-012 Sign in to add  HANNAH-KNIFE EDGE BK SHAPED CHAIR  to My Projects

Hannah-Knife Edge Bk Shaped Chair

200015H-3 Sign in to add  CANTON ROSE, MELON  to My Projects

Canton Rose, Melon

190212H-204 Sign in to add  LEGACY, AMETHYST  to My Projects

Legacy, Amethyst

190245H-17 Sign in to add  YUAN TRELLIS, ROSE  to My Projects

Yuan Trellis, Rose

190237H-37 Sign in to add  AMBOISE STRIPE, GOLD/MELON  to My Projects

Amboise Stripe, Gold/Melon

90-1910 Sign in to add  CLEMART COCKTAIL TABLE (AS SHOWN)  to My Projects

Clemart Cocktail Table (As Shown)