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Tilton Fenwick

Tilton Fenwick for Duralee

Tilton Fenwick

New York NY

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What is your favorite pattern from your collection & why?  So difficult to pick just one! "Rocat" is one we think greatly represents our collection and our decorating style, incorporating a rich variety of patterns and colors in just one print. We love the versatility of this fabric as well, with a border design that can also be used for trimming and other coordinating details in a room.


If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?  We both started careers out of college in advertising but today if we weren't designing at Tilton Fenwick, Suysel would be a hotelier in Tulum, Mexico and Anne would be a real estate broker.


What was your favorite part about working with Duralee on your collection? The collaboration with the design team was incredible. We had such synergy throughout the design process and looked forward to walking up to their studio (just a few blocks from our office!) for meetings. We learned so much from them about textile design and in addition to our working relationship we developed a true friendship with the whole team. We know our collection was only improved by this incredible collaboration.


If you were to pick a song as your anthem, what is it?  "Independent Women" by Destiny's Child


If you were to collaborate with any fashion designer, who would it be?  In addition to interiors, we have a similar fashion sense too! It would be a dream to collaborate with the Spanish fashion label del Pozo.


Where is the most inspiring place you’ve ever been?  We love finding inspiration through travel. One of our most inspiring trips was to the Spanish island of Mallorca, where we stayed at an old military fortress turned hotel. There was such deep rooted history combined with today's modern amenities. The architect did an incredible job and we were hard pressed to distinguish between where the old stopped and the new began. We have fabric inspired by and named after this special trip - Cap "Rocat" our awe-inspiring hotel.


If you could live on any movie set, which one would you pick?  Petulia, a 1968 film by Richard Lester with set design by David Hicks.


What is the best advice you could give a new designer just starting out?  Don't be afraid to promote yourself! It takes great confidence and conviction to put yourself out on the front line and share your work with the world. Harness the power of social media and promote your talents!


If you had to choose any other designer to design your home, who would it be and why?  Markham Roberts, Suysel's mentor, is truly one of our design idols of today. Simply put, his work is impeccable.

What’s on your wish-list right now?  Always on our list is a furniture piece by Tommi Parzinger. Outside of interiors, we both love jewelry by fellow NYC based designer, Paige Novick.











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